Comprehensive Water Treatment Solutions

imtsolutions-Hydro Booster MPE Systems
Hydro Booster MPE Systems

Hydro Booster MPE Systems are fully integrated hydraulic pumping systems that set the industry standard for excellence .Our systems consist of 1 to 6 identical vertical booster pumps mounted in parallel on a common base frame and control panel with motor protection

imtsolutions-domestic Booster pump
Domestic Booster Pumps

Domestic Booster Pumps are horizontal multistage close-coupled pumps specifically designed to deliver compactness, reliability, and quick performance. These versatile pumps are suitable for a variety of applications and are commonly used in conjunction with pressure controllers and tanks.

imtsolutions-RO Systems
RO Systems Domestic & Commercial

We offers top-quality RO systems for both domestic and commercial applications. With our expertise in Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, we provide comprehensive services to ensure clean, safe, and great-tasting water for homes and businesses alike.


The Grundfos Scala2, the ultimate water pressure booster system designed to provide you with consistent and optimal water pressure throughout your home. This innovative system combines high-performance technology with user-friendly features to deliver a seamless water supply experience.

CMBE TWIN Booster Pumps

The CMBE Twin Booster Pumps are the epitome of power and efficiency when it comes to boosting water pressure in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This advanced pumping system is designed to deliver maximum performance, reliability, and flexibility to meet your specific water pressure needs.


Sewage pumps play a crucial role in effectively managing and transporting wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to sewage treatment facilities. These pumps are specifically designed to handle the challenging task of moving solid and liquid waste efficiently and reliably.

Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is an innovative and eco-friendly solution that utilizes the abundant energy from the sun to provide hot water for various residential and commercial applications. By harnessing the power of sunlight, these systems offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional water heating methods.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are versatile and energy-efficient systems that provide both heating and cooling capabilities for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. These innovative devices extract heat from the air, ground, or water sources and transfer it to create a comfortable indoor environment, regardless of the season.

Solar Power Plant

Our solar power plant offers a cutting-edge solution for generating clean and renewable energy on a large scale. By harnessing the power of the sun, we provide a sustainable and reliable source of electricity that helps reduce carbon emissions and create a brighter, greener future.

Solar Street Lights

Our solar street lights provide a sustainable and efficient lighting solution for streets, roadways, and public areas. Powered by the sun, these lights harness clean energy, reduce electricity costs, and enhance safety and visibility in your community.

Sloar Fencing

Our solar fencing system provides a reliable and effective solution to protect your property from intruders and trespassers. Powered by solar energy, this advanced security system combines technology and sustainability to create a safe and secure environment.

Filteration System(WTP)

Our Water Treatment Plant (WTP) filtration system is designed to deliver clean, safe, and pure water for various applications. With advanced filtration technologies, this system effectively removes impurities, contaminants, and harmful substances, ensuring the highest water quality standards.

Sewage Treatment Plant(STP)

Our sewage treatment system offers an efficient and sustainable solution for treating wastewater and ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment. With advanced processes and technologies, we effectively remove pollutants and contaminants from sewage, safeguarding water resources and promoting ecological balance.

Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP)

Our Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) offers a comprehensive solution for treating industrial wastewater and ensuring responsible water management practices. With advanced treatment processes and technologies, we effectively remove pollutants and contaminants from effluent, minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable operations.

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